Spoons Guide


There's such a wide variety of fishing spoons out there, hopefully this guide will help clear up some confusion on the different options available. Most spoons (and spinners) work on the principle of shiny reflections to mimic the belly of a wounded bait fish, along with a wobbling/vibrating action to gain the fishes attention through their pressure sensing lateral line.

We're hoping to add some videos on retrieve/trolling techniques in the future, so stay tuned!

Slop/Grandpa Spoons

These spoons are most suited for areas with thick cover/weeds, as a weedguard is molded into the spoon. Most effective when twitched with pauses to allow the spoon to settle into likely fish holes, and retrieving through spots with lots of seaweed cover near ledges.

 Casting Spoons

Casting spoons have a distinctive wobble action when retrieved due to their cupped/wavy design. The simplest way to fish these is to cast it out and let it reach the desired depth, then retrieve it at a steady low/medium pace.

  Medium Spoons

The medium spoon is the jack-of-all-trades spoon design as it’s effective against the most species and can also be trolled at almost any speed.

Narrow Spoons

These spoons are most suited for targeting fish in fast moving currents/streams/rivers. Heavier narrow spoons can also be cast much more accurately in windy conditions, and are typically run at greater depths with a fast retrieve.


Nano/Ultralight Spoons

Nano/ultralight spoons are best used in very calm waters, as their action and vibration occurs even on slow retrieves and minimal currents. They are also great at keeping to a stable trajectory and depth even during fast retrieves.