Fishing Knots

 A handy chart of all the knots you need to know, click the knot name for a video demonstration (courtesy of animated knots).
We've highlighted a few of the most useful ones to remember!


Knot Name



Albright Knot For joining two different lines together, different sizes (fly line to fly reel backing line). fishing knots - albright knot
Arbor Knot For attaching fishing line to the reel/arbor. fishing knots - arbor knot
Australian Braid An alternative to the Bimini Twist which creates a strong loop - for use as a double-line leader on the end of a fishing line. fishing knots - australian braid
Bimini Twist For creating a strong loop at the end of a fishing line. fishing knots - bimini twist
Blood Knot For joining two lines of similar size. fishing knots - blood knot
Davy Knot For joining the tippet to the fly, strong and fast to tie. fishing knots - davy knot
Dropper Loop Creates a strong loop in the middle of a line, used often in a lot of fishing rigs. fishing knots - dropper loop
Uni Knot The most versatile knot that can be used for almost everything. Easy to tie but not the strongest knot for most applications. fishing knots - uni knot
Improved Clinch Knot For joining fishing line to a hook or lure. fishing knots - improved clinch knot
Nail Knot For joining two lines of different diameter. fishing knots - nail knot
Non Slip Mono Loop For creating a secure fixed loop. fishing knots - non slip mono loop
Orvis Knot For attaching fishing line to hook (simple). fishing knots - orvis knot
Palomar Knot For attaching fishing line to hook (strong). Doesn't work so well with large line diameters. fishing knots - palomar knot
Rapala Knot  A strong loop knot for connecting fishing line to lures in order to still give some freedom of movement. fishing knots - rapala knot
Reverse Clinch Knot A strong knot for tying line to lures/tackle. Easy to tie and works on mono, fluoro and braid lines. fishing knots - reverse clinch knot
Slim Beauty Knot For connecting between two lines of different material and size. fishing knots - slim beauty knot
Snell Knot For tying leader to eyeless hooks. Recommended for large hooks and line diameters. fishing knots - snell knot
Surgeons Knot For quickly tying together two similar size lines. fishing knots - surgeons knot
Surgeons Loop Quick and easy loop at the end of a line. fishing knots - surgeons loop
Trilene Knot Strong knot for tying monofilament line to hooks/lures/tackle. fishing knots - trilene knot
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