About Us

Fishing Tackle Direct was started to fix 2 simple problems -

  • Buying small amounts of fishing tackle online wasn’t cost effective as shipping costs would be as much as the item itself.
  • Generic lures and other fishing tackle items are overpriced simply due to branding or supplier exclusivity.

As we’re an online only company, we have almost zero overhead costs in terms of storage and retail staff. We don't sponsor any outrageous fishing shows or market ourselves on constant site-wide "sales" - we simply offer quality alternative brands at great prices, all year round.

In terms of our product selection and inventory, we stock mostly items that we’ve used personally; so the quality and reliability can be vouched for. Interestingly, we’ve often discovered that the items we stock are made in the same factory as the big brands – just sold to other markets under different stickers for an inflated price.

Of course, as the age old saying goes – “cheap, fast, reliable – pick two!” –  which leads us to our only compromise, the shipping time. As orders are processed from China/Taiwan, the shipping times (15-30 days typically) aren't suitable for last minute stocking up before the weekend. That said, we try to make up for it with prompt order updates and first class customer service!